Exclusive Too

Exclusive Too pitch has been sited to provide you with a private, chilled-out space. It's the sort of field where you can sit, leaning against a tree, with the sun on your face, and feel the peace settle over you. In order to be in such a splendid position on the farm, there are a few compromises that you should know about:

  • Your car is parked on a stone area 150 metres from the pitch(luggage barrow provided)
  • The pitch is about 250 metres from the farm yard (so, this is how far you need to walk for the fridge, freezer, logs and charging point)
  • There is no electricity (and if you're lucky, no phone signal either)
  • The shower is hot (phew), but there is no hot water tap. Just ice-cold water, fresh from our bore-hole. Please note, if you wash your face with this first thing in the morning, you will wake up VERY fast.

Your Holiday Space Facilities

In Your Space
  • Gas-powered Shower in Hut
  • Compost Toilet in Hut
  • Recycling and Rubbish facilities
  • Drinking water tap
  • Fire Pit with log seats
  • Large mowed area

On the Farmyard  (These facilities are shared with the other guests on the farm)
  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Charging Point
  • Logs and Kindling for Sale
  • Little Caravan Shop ( with icecreams and marshmallows! )

In Your Field
Great Meadow is a 4 acre field that leads down to a small area of woodland. At the bottom of the field is a wet rushy area , perfect for wildflowers such as Purple Loosestrife, Yellow Flag and Ladies Smock. The upper field is a sea of buttercups in early summer, and in Autumn this is one of the best fields for blackberrying. Exclusive Too is placed close to the woods, and you are very welcome to explore . There are trees to climb, a little stream to paddle in, and the dappled shade is the perfect place for a picnic on a hot summers day.