Simple Camping

Our Simple Camping field has four well-spaced pitches
A pitch is a cut roundish area, about 10 paces across, with a fire pit on one edge. The rest of the field is left to long grass; we don't mow more than we need to because the tussocky grass is much better for our barn owl to hunt in, and the wildflowers are happier too.

Parking is at the top of the field, on a stone area
This means you will never wake up to your car stuck in our clay-rich soil, and also that you'll never look out at a view of the next tent's car.

Recycling and Rubbish
This is at the top of the field and very easy to access. Please recycle all you can.

Drinking Water Tap
Sited on the stone area, with a washing up sink alongside. There is no hot water tap, just ice-cold water, fresh from our bore-hole. Please note, if you wash your face with this first thing in the morning, you will wake up VERY fast.

Shower and Toilet
These are in the farmyard, which is a 40 metre walk up the lane from the camping field. There is a flush toilet, wash hand basin (cold water only) and electric shower (hot water, hoorah!). Showers are included in your fee, so no annoying token thingys.

Fridge, Freezer, Charging Point and Logs/Kindling for Sale
Also in the farmyard, these are a shared resourse for all the guests staying on the farm. There is no fee for the charging point, but you leave items for charge at your own risk. Logs cost £3.50 per large bucket, and Kindling is £1.50 per basket.

Little Caravan Shop (with icecreams and marshmallows!)